This is quite a personal experience, yet whilst being personal I figure it could possibly help someone out there, and if there’s a possibility of that- what is stopping me sharing this? As well as a book adding to my thoughts on this, the conference that I have attended just a week ago has forced my thoughts on this to become much more wider and broader, this might not make sense right now but I’ll get to explaining now….

As well as it linking to my faith, me being a Christian- I think fundamentally it can reach those who may not share the same faith too. Ever since we are born we are exposed to hundreds and thousands of things- these things of course are all new- say the first word we hear, the first thing we ever smell, the first thing we see- all these things are slowly associated with things that build up our knowledge. So, if we are told “hello” is how you greet someone then this is what our minds will store as a greeting and therefore this is what we will use to greet people. This all sounds really obvious- but thinking about it more deeply, if someone were to tell you something that was wrong, then this information would stay with you, and you would not know to change this until you were told it were wrong. For instance let’s say that you were told that to eat with a fork you hold it at the end with the prongs, you then start eating with a fork this way and unless you were told otherwise or you slowly noticed you were wrong by watching other people you would have no clue that you were wrong- and even more so, if it were someone in whom you trusted that told you this false information then you may think that the person trying to correct you was the wrong one. That they were the one who needed to be corrected.

So linking this to something that actually might make more sense in terms of the title of this blog post, if we were told lies about ourselves since we were born and whilst growing up, how would this make us view ourselves?  It is an inevitable situation that occurs in each and everyones lives. Even though the degree that this may affect each individual might be different, it is still bound to happen regardless. Whether this be in terms of friends, family, social media, strangers, enemies etc etc.. Like I mentioned before, if this were told to us more importantly by someone that we were really close to and we trusted them, this would stick with us even more- and again, someone telling us anything different and trying to correct would not matter as we wouldn’t believe them anyway. These inaccurate self-portraits that we make of ourselves are filled with things that are not always the truth, we may think that just because all these people have said this or that we must be these things they say, yet what we don’t know is just how inaccurate they are- just how little they may know about us or maybe even that they said some things out of jealousy, anger, hatred or pure maliciousness. These things can overtake our lives and lead us to believe such false things about ourselves, when really we are quite the opposite of these lies. And sometimes, the even more difficult thing is when people tell us you are not “useless” you are in fact “really very helpful” we do not believe them for a second. Even if they tell us with their most sincere voice, with full eye contact and pleading for you to believe them, we cannot and will not. When a full new skin is formed that we walk in, when new bones are etched with fake lies, when our body is not one that is of us- we can imagine just how hard this is to get rid of. How to break free of these lies and built up comments and adjectives describing someone who is not ourselves at all.

Now that you are three paragraphs into this blog post and reading the fourth, I want to apologise, because if you relate to any of this at all- this might not be what it seems, in that I probably won’t be able to help you. If anything, I know that a blog post like this would have never helped me. But just in case, I’m going to finish by saying- You are not what you believe you are. There are possibly many times you have failed to see this, and many times you have tried to think the opposite of all these lies are true. I want to say to you that they are true, the opposite of these lies really is the truth!! That you are able, you are beautiful, you are more than enough, you are great, you are amazing, you are incredible, you are courageous, you are powerful, you are awesome and right now I believe that these words are not sinking in. So please, go back to that start of that sentence and read it out loud, read it in you head if you can’t read it out loud yet, but read it and try your hardest to believe it and try to read it again and again- because I do and I know that these things are true and I also know that if I can begin believing these things- so can you. I know that this is such a hard thing to even think about doing yet alone attempt to do, but in breaking all these “agreements” you’ve made with yourself that you are this, or that- You will find a freedom like no other. Honestly, it is the best feeling and I hope that you can also feel this soon too. I wish you all the best. You are an overcomer.


Creating stars

I’m in no way shape of form where I would like to be, where I think I should be and where I see myself in my head. Almost everyday I will question my position at that given time. Sometimes the answer that I conjure up in my brain is long-winded and unnecessary, other times I disregard it and continue on as anyone would. In these times I am reminded that I as a mere human being living alongside the other billions of people on this planet have one life, one life to live. And one life to make the most of… It’s all good and well for one to say that their goal is to “be happy” or their goals are to “fulfil this or that dream”. But really, who knows the steps to those “dreams”, who knows what it takes to fully, truly be happy. Whilst one child sits in a mud bath making mud pies and refuses to go on that sunny beach holiday; knows nothing past that happiness at that given time. The child in fact refuses such luxury. So I ask, who knows? As much as I would like to say I have it all figured, I really don’t want to either. Learning to embrace what is to me the [beauty in life], in not knowing exactly how this whole puzzle fits together is something that has and will always be a difficult thing. There are moments where I have been pushed to anger, frustration and desperation but something tells me that there’s a reason why we haven’t figured it all, that not everything makes sense. And that at the end of the day. It’s okay. Although I do not have the words or vocabulary to express my complete and whole thoughts on it, I know that the path that lies ahead is easily said to be a mystery to each individual at least, I can’t say it will be easy, and I can’t say it will be hard. I’ve known that there is rain after sun, there is hardship after joy and there is failure after success. I’ve also known though, that there is such hope as rainbows, such thing as perseverance and such strength in overcoming setbacks in life. It pains me to say that there will never be another promised good day as much as it relieves me. There is beauty in all the imperfections if one would just look for them. There is beauty in all those flaws that we all perceive to be ugly and faults in life. There are those times where we stop and think about such imperfections and see nothing but an ugly picture, yet how else would the picture be whole without them. I wonder if ever, could I count all the stars in the sky, at a given time? Well the answer is obvious, it is impossible. How amazing that would be, yet how silly that would be to think. I believe this is the same in our lives. How we try to see and count every day we have yet to live. How silly that would be. I tell myself that this is how it’s meant to be and how we all live. Yet I’m sure if we could all have that impossible chance to see and count all them stars we would. Striving to something that is unknown to us sounds silly also, we dream of those “happy days”, however would we know one even if we were living one?

I say, take the life and ignore the stars. Why look at the already made stars, when you can create your own? Take the day and make it bright. Make it shine with a brightness that overwhelms and satisfies. Yes it’s difficult, of course it is. And surely one day will inevitably be harder to make bright than another, yet surely striving to this is much more achievable than anything else we strive towards. So why not begin trying that now? Even if you fail, you’ll have created and pieced your own puzzle together, with your own splashes of imperfect and beautiful colours.