Me, Myself and I

Today’s blog post is going to be about a goal I should have set AGES ago. I’m also going to address a topic that I drafted up ages ago in a blog post titled something else… As you can imagine from my lack of posting and activity on this blog; I have been super busy as to not have the chance to post. Having said that, the ideas, thoughts and inspirations have all been there and as much as I would like to say I want to try and post more often, I know with the many times before where I have said it, tried and failed I will probably do no good, so instead… I’ll say that I want to post more and hopefully this desire will force me to prioritise my blogging life more and this can be a goal in itself anyway.

So, to the main point of this blog post. My goal for the ‘future’ let’s say, is to concentrate on myself more; I mean this in two ways. The first way, is to be able to spend more time making myself happy, in a non-selfish way. I think I have spent too many minutes of my life thinking about how I can make others happy or wanting to make others happy (not in a people-pleasing way), but in a way that I am fulfilling everyone else’s needs and none of my own. I have grown to learn that I managed to put my own happiness and love for myself to the lowest of my ‘priority list’, I don’t exactly know when or how this happened but I have come to realise that in the past year it has become more prominent than ever before. Due to this, it has become more of a problem that ever before, so much that it is time to address it. Now that I have moved onto a ‘new stage’ in life, I have been able to cut myself off from people who no longer serve in my life in a positive way, and been able to concentrate on a smaller quantity of people and really develop a much tighter, close-knitted and meaningful relationship than I have done before. It has actually been more testing too; as myself and others have become more and more busy, yet being able to maintain a friendship through this has shown me who I should be investing my time on and also those I maybe shouldn’t. As I have less people and distractions to divert my focus and attention, I am constantly trying to intentionally focus more love and attention on myself. It has actually been quite a difficult task, to spend time doing things I like more often, things that make me happy and to focus on myself has surely not been a natural instinct and has proven quite difficult since I started. However, putting this into practice more and more has been just the small stepping stone of a long long journey, something in which I am hoping will eventually become a second nature task; to know what makes me happy, to do those things and in turn be able to bless the friendships/relationships I have with others in a more true and real way… It might now sound like I am being self-indulgent, but honestly I have come to believe that if you are not truly happy within yourself, it will show in the relationships you have with others. Whether you are conscious/subconscious to it, there is bound to be a strain on the relationships and the way in which you can overcome this (unless there is another reason) is to solve these problems starting with yourself first. Love yourself, and everything else will stem from it.

The second way in which I meant by this goal is also concentrating and placing my efforts on working on myself more. By this, I mean that I believe, many of us are far too quick to point out the bad in someone else, rather than ourselves. I, too am guilty of this, most possibly everyday and far more often than I would like to admit. First off, I would like to share a few verses from the bible, which, whether you are a believer or not, you might be able to relate/agree with: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother: ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye’, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank our of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5. This verse to me says so clearly and obviously, that we are all often such great hypocrites, we are never able to point the finger at ourselves, instead, we are quick and eager to point out someone else’s faults. In fact, more often than not, if someone were to point out our bad attributes, we instantly jump up to defend ourselves, making excuses and/or denying what is said about us rather than listening, thinking, pondering and deciding whether or not the things in which have been said are true; whether we do need to edify something in our behaviour/actions etc. In which case, of course, there is always something to improve on as we humans are never perfect. Sometimes however, these things need reviewing and reflection because what someone may have pointed out might not be the truth or we may in fact not need to change it at all. Having said that fundamentally, I think that if people are constantly reflecting on their actions and how they are instead of thinking about other people, we would all be able to improve on ourselves as people and therefore, everyone would in turn improve as people and relationships between people would therefore be easier, better and not filled with as many problems. I have decided, that by making improvements and sorting out the plank of wood in my own eye, whether I am able to ‘solve them’ or not, I would hopefully work to be a better person and no longer look to the speck in other peoples eyes and ignoring my own so blatantly obvious plank. I know it might take time and it will take a whole of a lot of effort on my part to remind myself to continually do these things, but I hope by writing this out in a blog post I will hold myself to this ‘goal’ and work on these things for the better.

In these two ways (it adds up to a lot more than ‘two’ really) I hope to thoroughly work on different aspects within my life, starting from myself and slowly working outwardly. I hope to look in a metaphorical mirror more often and this will in turn hopefully allow me to spread these ‘better’ aspects that I work on to other parts of my life and also to the different relationships in which I have with the people surrounding me. So, here’s to new goals and looking to continual self-improvement…


Walking with others

It has actually been forever since I last posted anything at all. I have probably had the most hectic summer and since starting a full time working lifestyle, being even more so bombarded with things to do constantly, meaning that any time I get to breathe I prefer to spend reading or relaxing instead. Having said that, I have been urging myself not to be lazy with this blog and force myself to keep going with it whenever I get the chance, so I can confirm that I do have many, many drafts written out – which hopefully I can keep expanding upon and adding to, completing them in the hopefully not too distant future.

Here goes the first one which, as a matter of fact I did not have drafted up, and has come out of the blue- typed up now, this is what inspiration does to you I guess, so apologies in advance if it’s a bit mis-matched and all over the place…
I have recently gone through a phase in life whereby some of my day-to-day surroundings have changed, the people I used to see on an almost daily basis, I no longer see, I have been introduced to new people, having also made some new friends, and with that I guess you can say that I share life with some new people and less of the people who I am used to sharing life with. In a non-long winded way of explaining this I have also been back in contact with and seen/met up more often with some old friends who I haven’t seen for quite some time. This brought to me many mixed emotions, along with an inevitable part of me that was quite sad there were parts of this change that brought excitement, happiness, and for some reason (in regards to the last sentence) nostalgia. I can’t say it all felt non-confusing, at times I couldn’t quite piece together how I felt and why I felt certain things, as it was all a bit blurry, but I can say that after almost 2 months I have finally settled my thoughts and emotions on all of it.

So, onto the important part- what I’d really like to share with you all is that having had these changes occur I found myself drawing to share these changes with particular people in my life, that being people in different categories, including: family, friends, and even customers I see. This only occurred to me over these past few days, but I have realised that this handful of people who I have shared with I have grown to form a relationship/friendship with that I know they would be nothing but proud of me to hear such news. To hear that I was getting on well, to hear that I was doing well after hard work and to know in their mind that I was happy with the choices I have made. These people were there when there was struggle and it was only right that they heard the reward to come after it. There was nothing specific or fundamental in me going to share with these people and it’s not as if I sat picking and choosing, it just automatically happened. This got me realising that truly, those who stick with you through pain and hardship, are the only ones who can deeply understand and share with you the joy in the aftermath. I know now that these  specific people in this random list all mashed up together will remain in my life for some time to come, if not forever and I couldn’t be more blessed. It takes a lot to find people who can truly inspire, encourage and push you to be the best you can be – vice versa. Knowing and letting that sink in, I know that I should take the time to thank and to cherish these life-long relationships/friendships made.

Adding on to that note, starting new chapters in life can be pretty difficult, daunting and scary – I know many of my friends who have started new chapters in their life, so I guess this bit’s for you guys and of course anyone else in a similar position or who might be able to relate. Stating new chapters can bring many goodbyes and leaving behind old faces/places. Although it’s not always the three describing words I used to describe it just now. Often times, a challenge comes with it and the mixed emotions and feelings I spoke about above can come to life. I know that it’s not easy to face, yet I think that the people we choose to share life experiences with, those that are to stay, can make a huge difference- Or in even more extreme terms, make all the difference. I don’t ever want to take this for granted and wanted to especially start off with a blog post about this because I know some of you will have long awaited an update from me, even though I will have updated you via message or in person if you are one of these people. Back to my point of this paragraph, look for the excitement in new starts and new chapters… You know sometimes when you turn over a new page in a book whilst writing, marks of your previous writing may have gone though the page, either ink or marks from writing too hard. Think of it in this way, like you’re turning over a new page and bringing with you some memories and people who have influenced you and encouraged you. I urge you to be positive thinking, looking ahead – always – and I wish you the best!!

In these past 2 months and over summer I’ve gained perspective on a lot of things, in many varying topics, because of this I hope to write up as many new blog posts as I can to share with you all some new things I’m learning about and am constantly beginning to piece together. Keep your eyes peeled but also please expect to be disappointed, just in case I get too overwhelmed with a busy schedule. Thanks for reading for now.

More about pain

I once did a blog post about pain. (I will link that at the end of this blog post if you have not yet read that). I have since come to realise how little I actually know. I am not the oldest or most mature person, but then who is? I may not have the most knowledge or life experiences, once again, who does? But here goes anyway…I have come to learn that there is always going to be pain on this earth. And sometimes, pain is what pain is. It is a crushing boulder that knocks you right off centre and completely catches you off guard. There is no warning to say “I will just come swing by next week on Monday at 13:04pm so be ready.” There is no signal to tell you to prepare yourself. All you feel is that hit, a blow to the face by the strongest fist you think you have ever felt and it stings, it hurts, it bleeds. You feel that stab, right there in the heart where it hurts the most and it lingers until all you can feel and think about is that pain, it numbs your whole being and leaves you breathless. I don’t want to sound cliché and give you false information. But, all I can say to that is that it is okay, no not “everything is okay”. But more, it is completely okay to hurt and to bleed a little before figuring yourself out. It is okay to not be okay, for some reason we all seem to think everything in life must be immaculate and perfect. We all fall down sometimes, and honestly? That’s perfectly fine, if anyone tells you different they’re wrong, for sure because the last thing you need is to beat yourself up about not being okay. Admitting it and coming to terms with the fact that you are not okay is not something to be ashamed of, ever. It’s just one of those many things that life comes with. My thoughts and feelings on pain have not changed since my last post about this topic. I still think we can misinterpret it and think of pain in a way that it is not, however I just think and know for a fact that pain just hurts sometimes. This next statement is like a tiny summary of my last blog post on this, pain is often seen as the enemy, which is honestly fair enough, but don’t forget that pain is not the be all and end all. It’s inevitable and it’s something we must live with, each and every one of us, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. I can’t promise that things will get better I can’t say everything will be okay, because I honestly don’t know the answer to that. Some people may like to give this “reassurance” but I really don’t feel there is anything helpful in giving someone firstly, false hope in a time of desperation and secondly just another “roll off the tongue phrases” that offers no actual guidance or comfort at all.

Pain stings,
Pain hurts,
Pain breaks,
Pain destructs,
Pain is confusing,
Pain is nasty, harsh and mean,
Pain brings periods of hardship,
…At times and I am here to say, that is okay.

Last blog post in the topic of pain, titled: Misunderstanding Pain-

Make your mark on the world

I kinda teased about new blog posts that may be upcoming shortly, on some form of social media and whilst I have been dying to throw ideas about I literally have not had the time and or inspiration to fully sit and ponder and allow myself to write something worthy or reading (in my opinion) until today. So…I guess today may mark the day that I finally write something up. Here goes….

This is really just about something that has occurred to me in these past weeks/days and also in talking to someone today it really made me tie up many thoughts together. I’d like to introduce this by saying the title may sound a bit misleading, but it’s the best I could do in terms of relating to this post. “But, what do you mean by that?” you may be asking. Well I will get onto that after I share this: I think that sometimes we become so fixated upon making something happen, and it might be in the long term in our minds, however it’s still the short term if you think about it. For instance we might prepare ourselves for an interview in order to get say a job. And this may lead to many “big” and “long term future goals” or whatever else, but at the same time in becoming so focused on these things we may miss the much bigger picture still there. The bigger picture being that life isn’t just about this job, or that holiday, or few exams…there’s much more to it and if we miss the point, then I must beg the question really at the end of the day: What is the point? Of course I’m not saying that we mustn’t put our time and energy into these kinds of things, but by reducing some of that pressure it just makes it ten times easier for ourselves. I think ultimately we have a much bigger role to play in our lives and that there are things in which we could (possibly should even), be doing. This realisation which came to me I will explain in my next paragraph-

(Back to what I was saying earlier): What I mean by the title is that there are many things we can contribute to society and other people, we can invest time, thoughts, emotions, money, etc as things that we contribute. And these things can ultimately be for the bad or for the good. What I am here to say is these “things” that we contribute can lead to us making our mark on the world. And that just there, the title sounds so big and extravagant (like I say it fits but is a bit misleading) because I believe it really doesn’t have to be this way. They can literally even be the tinniest of things, with that I shall give you some examples: sharing a smile with a stranger; offering an ear to a friend that needs you; giving a present to someone; writing someone a letter; being obedient to those who have authority over you; paying a compliment; being patient with someone who’s serving you; trying to understand even if you don’t…. I would like to share something that made me realise we need to do more of these things. Today, I spoke to someone who I have not spoken to for perhaps a whole year. We caught up on where we’re at and what we might be doing in the future (i.e. in a few months time as we move onto new things) and she recalled the exact time we last spoke and told me about how I really helped her through a confusing period of her life and how I offered some amazing advice which really aided her to be where she is now. I have to admit I firstly, didn’t actually remember the conversation we had until she spoke more in depth about it. Secondly, I had no idea that I had offered up the advice she told me I did. And lastly, the biggest one of all I had no clue at the time or even until today that I could have had even the smallest amount of influence in someones’ life never mind such a big one that she described to me. Although this person said to me she really wanted to thank me, I actually wish to turn this “on it’s head” if you will and really thank this person for giving me this insight. It was really something special to hear that I could have any kind of positive influence on anyones life at all. And it just completely inspired me to share that whether it be big actions or small, by interacting with the world and people around you, you are having an influence on it- whether you know it or not. I want to add that, even if you think people won’t listen to you anyway, so what’s the point or you really aren’t that great yourself, you never know what people might take from your actions or words. I know with this it might sound like we have a responsibility as well as a role (as I  mentioned earlier) and if that’s the case, then so be it because I feel that if we feel we kind of do have some sort of responsibility and if you see it this way too then perhaps we may actually end up being more cautious and thoughtful in the actions that we choose to carry out. So, with that I’d just like to leave it here, hopefully you will see like I have too that we do make a difference and what we do does actually have an impact. And we should also try to remember this whilst perhaps chasing after a specific thing or going through a particular time period in our lives that may keep us preoccupied so that we can lose sight of such temporary things and perhaps focus on bigger things too.

Blind faith

Here is a post relating to Christianity. It’s something in which I have been slowly learning and finding out more about as I develop and trust in the Lord. I would just like to share my thoughts on the Christian faith being a blind faith- what I mean by this is that we don’t know what is to come next year, the next day, even the next minute. This honestly, can scare me a little- at the same time I know it is exactly what I, we have been called to live like. Even in the bible it says “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”-

However, my main point of this post is just how hard it actually is to do this- It is all good and well to say to God “I trust that my future and the next step of my life is in your hands, I trust that you will provide either way, I believe that your way is the best way; so please come and have your way in me and do what you will even if that means I give up what I thought was going to be and what I thought was going to happen.” It is easy to say this and even mean it at the time, especially when convicted or pushed to a place of desperation or need. The hard part comes when sometimes a plan doesn’t fall into place, or you aren’t where you wanted to be, or you find yourself stuck somewhere you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. I mean, sure, when things were not like this and when you felt more secure it was simple, it was easy to believe that God has His will for you and that you are meant to follow it. Yet, as hard as we try sometimes it is just that we do still have that ongoing battle between our new selves and our human nature. We still fight thinking we know best and we have this or that planned out in the future and oh how we can be so stubborn sometimes, completely ignoring what God is quite blatantly telling us. It can really hurt trying to be patient on the Lord and then when you receive an answer, the answer is not the answer you were looking for…It can easily knock your confidence or what you thought you had planned for yourself just feels destroyed and you may even feel lost, like your plans for your future are shattered.

This is exactly what I mean by blind faith, it is not easy, it was never meant to be. But trusting that God has His own timing is something so so hard to do yet so beautiful- surrendering all to God and trusting that He knows far better than you and that He has promised you everything and more- there is something just rather spectacular in that. It means we don’t have our preconceptions of what we think is gong to happen or what we hope or dream to do or be in the future, it isn’t having none of these ideas- instead it is really giving it all to God and letting Him take the reigns because what is better than allowing the one who knows BEST to do this. This is just something in which has been on my mind and something that I am slowly learning and hopefully one day I will get there, to a place where I will truly let go of all the things I thought would be and what I thought would happen- instead going on a crazy adventure with God to see what might happen instead, because I know for a fact that it will be far better than what I had ever imagined in my head.


This is quite a personal experience, yet whilst being personal I figure it could possibly help someone out there, and if there’s a possibility of that- what is stopping me sharing this? As well as a book adding to my thoughts on this, the conference that I have attended just a week ago has forced my thoughts on this to become much more wider and broader, this might not make sense right now but I’ll get to explaining now….

As well as it linking to my faith, me being a Christian- I think fundamentally it can reach those who may not share the same faith too. Ever since we are born we are exposed to hundreds and thousands of things- these things of course are all new- say the first word we hear, the first thing we ever smell, the first thing we see- all these things are slowly associated with things that build up our knowledge. So, if we are told “hello” is how you greet someone then this is what our minds will store as a greeting and therefore this is what we will use to greet people. This all sounds really obvious- but thinking about it more deeply, if someone were to tell you something that was wrong, then this information would stay with you, and you would not know to change this until you were told it were wrong. For instance let’s say that you were told that to eat with a fork you hold it at the end with the prongs, you then start eating with a fork this way and unless you were told otherwise or you slowly noticed you were wrong by watching other people you would have no clue that you were wrong- and even more so, if it were someone in whom you trusted that told you this false information then you may think that the person trying to correct you was the wrong one. That they were the one who needed to be corrected.

So linking this to something that actually might make more sense in terms of the title of this blog post, if we were told lies about ourselves since we were born and whilst growing up, how would this make us view ourselves?  It is an inevitable situation that occurs in each and everyones lives. Even though the degree that this may affect each individual might be different, it is still bound to happen regardless. Whether this be in terms of friends, family, social media, strangers, enemies etc etc.. Like I mentioned before, if this were told to us more importantly by someone that we were really close to and we trusted them, this would stick with us even more- and again, someone telling us anything different and trying to correct would not matter as we wouldn’t believe them anyway. These inaccurate self-portraits that we make of ourselves are filled with things that are not always the truth, we may think that just because all these people have said this or that we must be these things they say, yet what we don’t know is just how inaccurate they are- just how little they may know about us or maybe even that they said some things out of jealousy, anger, hatred or pure maliciousness. These things can overtake our lives and lead us to believe such false things about ourselves, when really we are quite the opposite of these lies. And sometimes, the even more difficult thing is when people tell us you are not “useless” you are in fact “really very helpful” we do not believe them for a second. Even if they tell us with their most sincere voice, with full eye contact and pleading for you to believe them, we cannot and will not. When a full new skin is formed that we walk in, when new bones are etched with fake lies, when our body is not one that is of us- we can imagine just how hard this is to get rid of. How to break free of these lies and built up comments and adjectives describing someone who is not ourselves at all.

Now that you are three paragraphs into this blog post and reading the fourth, I want to apologise, because if you relate to any of this at all- this might not be what it seems, in that I probably won’t be able to help you. If anything, I know that a blog post like this would have never helped me. But just in case, I’m going to finish by saying- You are not what you believe you are. There are possibly many times you have failed to see this, and many times you have tried to think the opposite of all these lies are true. I want to say to you that they are true, the opposite of these lies really is the truth!! That you are able, you are beautiful, you are more than enough, you are great, you are amazing, you are incredible, you are courageous, you are powerful, you are awesome and right now I believe that these words are not sinking in. So please, go back to that start of that sentence and read it out loud, read it in you head if you can’t read it out loud yet, but read it and try your hardest to believe it and try to read it again and again- because I do and I know that these things are true and I also know that if I can begin believing these things- so can you. I know that this is such a hard thing to even think about doing yet alone attempt to do, but in breaking all these “agreements” you’ve made with yourself that you are this, or that- You will find a freedom like no other. Honestly, it is the best feeling and I hope that you can also feel this soon too. I wish you all the best. You are an overcomer.

Gaining perspective

Here’s a post on something that has been an on-going “lesson” to me if you will…
The main roots to my thoughts on this topic have been from speaking to one specific friend, in which whatever subject or topic was brought up, she would always look at it from more than just one perspective, that being her own. She would never stop at just what her opinion was, she would question what the involved parties’ might have been through, or might have had to deal with, or what may have led them to carry out certain actions. This then triggered me to think about how I approach situations, especially problems and issues, both my own and others’. I questioned whether or not I just thought from my own point of view or whether I would also try to think about what others were thinking/feeling. I had always thought that I can very easily look at things from another individuals’ perspective, however whether or not I actually allowed myself to think about this fully and really analyse it to go further and actually allow myself to understand why an individual in a situation may have carried out the actions they did, was the real question. Of course we can never fully comprehend what someone else is going through, even if they sat down and told us it all, relating to it and fully understanding is on a whole other level, however just the sheer small act of beginning to come to even think what someone else may be going through/what they have been through is something which I think in everyones’ day-to-day life, mine included, is sadly, foreign.

Another thing in which has added to these thoughts, is a YouTube video that I watched, it spoke about someone going through a hard time and just how much hurt, sadness, hardship, vulnerability and other painful emotions were felt on one end and how this person feeling all these emotions somehow managed to gain perspective and flip the situation on its head, regardless of how awful it all was, they could see it from the what you could call the “guilty” persons’ point of view. This to me was a huge wake up call, because even in such a difficult and tough situation they were able to see the other side to the pain and get past it, it really made me think about the hundreds of thousands of things that I can get caught up in, but really if I thought about it properly there are reasons, and even if there aren’t any, there must be pain present on both sides and not just my own. The example shared in the video was an extreme one, and to which I thought if they can do this, why can’t we all? What is stopping us from doing this in little, small and what may seem like insignificant little disagreements, or misunderstandings that prop up in our lives…

More than this, I believe that amongst all of us, not nearly enough of us try to see things in other peoples’ perspective, whether it be in good or bad, happy or sad situations- or even just in day to day life. I for one do not do this enough, and I think that if all of us could just take a small step in trying to gain that perspective, maybe we wouldn’t see things the way we do, and it would look different, the picture would change and there would be a lot less pain, it would be a lot less ugly. Even if forgiveness takes more effort and is harder to come by, it doesn’t mean that we can’t take action and begin to try and understand. By no means am I saying to condone any type of unfriendly and uncivil behaviour, yours and mine included- which really highlights my point being, we all make mistakes, we all fall sometimes, we all hurt one another, either intentionally or unintentionally. But honestly? Are we not just all going through life trying out best? Is that not what we all just strive to do, and ultimately whether failing and succeeding sometimes along the way we are still giving it our all in our given circumstances, even if one may think certain peoples’ “bests” do not seem like their “best” it doesn’t mean that we can go to point a finger at them, because for all we know, our “best” may not be what it should be, who are we to go judge without actually being in that situation. Therefore, with this point highlighted, I’d like to invite you to join me, join me in perhaps trying to gain some insight in other peoples’ lives, even if sometimes it’s the last thing you wish to do, and sometimes all you want to do is blame someone else- maybe this way we can all see past the darkness and pain a little, and maybe this way we can try to make friendships and/or relationships we have with others a little more bearable, a little more easier, and maybe we can shine some light into dark spaces and really come to be more understanding to one another.