Walking with others

It has actually been forever since I last posted anything at all. I have probably had the most hectic summer and since starting a full time working lifestyle, being even more so bombarded with things to do constantly, meaning that any time I get to breathe I prefer to spend reading or relaxing instead. Having said that, I have been urging myself not to be lazy with this blog and force myself to keep going with it whenever I get the chance, so I can confirm that I do have many, many drafts written out – which hopefully I can keep expanding upon and adding to, completing them in the hopefully not too distant future.

Here goes the first one which, as a matter of fact I did not have drafted up, and has come out of the blue- typed up now, this is what inspiration does to you I guess, so apologies in advance if it’s a bit mis-matched and all over the place…
I have recently gone through a phase in life whereby some of my day-to-day surroundings have changed, the people I used to see on an almost daily basis, I no longer see, I have been introduced to new people, having also made some new friends, and with that I guess you can say that I share life with some new people and less of the people who I am used to sharing life with. In a non-long winded way of explaining this I have also been back in contact with and seen/met up more often with some old friends who I haven’t seen for quite some time. This brought to me many mixed emotions, along with an inevitable part of me that was quite sad there were parts of this change that brought excitement, happiness, and for some reason (in regards to the last sentence) nostalgia. I can’t say it all felt non-confusing, at times I couldn’t quite piece together how I felt and why I felt certain things, as it was all a bit blurry, but I can say that after almost 2 months I have finally settled my thoughts and emotions on all of it.

So, onto the important part- what I’d really like to share with you all is that having had these changes occur I found myself drawing to share these changes with particular people in my life, that being people in different categories, including: family, friends, and even customers I see. This only occurred to me over these past few days, but I have realised that this handful of people who I have shared with I have grown to form a relationship/friendship with that I know they would be nothing but proud of me to hear such news. To hear that I was getting on well, to hear that I was doing well after hard work and to know in their mind that I was happy with the choices I have made. These people were there when there was struggle and it was only right that they heard the reward to come after it. There was nothing specific or fundamental in me going to share with these people and it’s not as if I sat picking and choosing, it just automatically happened. This got me realising that truly, those who stick with you through pain and hardship, are the only ones who can deeply understand and share with you the joy in the aftermath. I know now that these  specific people in this random list all mashed up together will remain in my life for some time to come, if not forever and I couldn’t be more blessed. It takes a lot to find people who can truly inspire, encourage and push you to be the best you can be – vice versa. Knowing and letting that sink in, I know that I should take the time to thank and to cherish these life-long relationships/friendships made.

Adding on to that note, starting new chapters in life can be pretty difficult, daunting and scary – I know many of my friends who have started new chapters in their life, so I guess this bit’s for you guys and of course anyone else in a similar position or who might be able to relate. Stating new chapters can bring many goodbyes and leaving behind old faces/places. Although it’s not always the three describing words I used to describe it just now. Often times, a challenge comes with it and the mixed emotions and feelings I spoke about above can come to life. I know that it’s not easy to face, yet I think that the people we choose to share life experiences with, those that are to stay, can make a huge difference- Or in even more extreme terms, make all the difference. I don’t ever want to take this for granted and wanted to especially start off with a blog post about this because I know some of you will have long awaited an update from me, even though I will have updated you via message or in person if you are one of these people. Back to my point of this paragraph, look for the excitement in new starts and new chapters… You know sometimes when you turn over a new page in a book whilst writing, marks of your previous writing may have gone though the page, either ink or marks from writing too hard. Think of it in this way, like you’re turning over a new page and bringing with you some memories and people who have influenced you and encouraged you. I urge you to be positive thinking, looking ahead – always – and I wish you the best!!

In these past 2 months and over summer I’ve gained perspective on a lot of things, in many varying topics, because of this I hope to write up as many new blog posts as I can to share with you all some new things I’m learning about and am constantly beginning to piece together. Keep your eyes peeled but also please expect to be disappointed, just in case I get too overwhelmed with a busy schedule. Thanks for reading for now.


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