Make your mark on the world

I kinda teased about new blog posts that may be upcoming shortly, on some form of social media and whilst I have been dying to throw ideas about I literally have not had the time and or inspiration to fully sit and ponder and allow myself to write something worthy or reading (in my opinion) until today. So…I guess today may mark the day that I finally write something up. Here goes….

This is really just about something that has occurred to me in these past weeks/days and also in talking to someone today it really made me tie up many thoughts together. I’d like to introduce this by saying the title may sound a bit misleading, but it’s the best I could do in terms of relating to this post. “But, what do you mean by that?” you may be asking. Well I will get onto that after I share this: I think that sometimes we become so fixated upon making something happen, and it might be in the long term in our minds, however it’s still the short term if you think about it. For instance we might prepare ourselves for an interview in order to get say a job. And this may lead to many “big” and “long term future goals” or whatever else, but at the same time in becoming so focused on these things we may miss the much bigger picture still there. The bigger picture being that life isn’t just about this job, or that holiday, or few exams…there’s much more to it and if we miss the point, then I must beg the question really at the end of the day: What is the point? Of course I’m not saying that we mustn’t put our time and energy into these kinds of things, but by reducing some of that pressure it just makes it ten times easier for ourselves. I think ultimately we have a much bigger role to play in our lives and that there are things in which we could (possibly should even), be doing. This realisation which came to me I will explain in my next paragraph-

(Back to what I was saying earlier): What I mean by the title is that there are many things we can contribute to society and other people, we can invest time, thoughts, emotions, money, etc as things that we contribute. And these things can ultimately be for the bad or for the good. What I am here to say is these “things” that we contribute can lead to us making our mark on the world. And that just there, the title sounds so big and extravagant (like I say it fits but is a bit misleading) because I believe it really doesn’t have to be this way. They can literally even be the tinniest of things, with that I shall give you some examples: sharing a smile with a stranger; offering an ear to a friend that needs you; giving a present to someone; writing someone a letter; being obedient to those who have authority over you; paying a compliment; being patient with someone who’s serving you; trying to understand even if you don’t…. I would like to share something that made me realise we need to do more of these things. Today, I spoke to someone who I have not spoken to for perhaps a whole year. We caught up on where we’re at and what we might be doing in the future (i.e. in a few months time as we move onto new things) and she recalled the exact time we last spoke and told me about how I really helped her through a confusing period of her life and how I offered some amazing advice which really aided her to be where she is now. I have to admit I firstly, didn’t actually remember the conversation we had until she spoke more in depth about it. Secondly, I had no idea that I had offered up the advice she told me I did. And lastly, the biggest one of all I had no clue at the time or even until today that I could have had even the smallest amount of influence in someones’ life never mind such a big one that she described to me. Although this person said to me she really wanted to thank me, I actually wish to turn this “on it’s head” if you will and really thank this person for giving me this insight. It was really something special to hear that I could have any kind of positive influence on anyones life at all. And it just completely inspired me to share that whether it be big actions or small, by interacting with the world and people around you, you are having an influence on it- whether you know it or not. I want to add that, even if you think people won’t listen to you anyway, so what’s the point or you really aren’t that great yourself, you never know what people might take from your actions or words. I know with this it might sound like we have a responsibility as well as a role (as I  mentioned earlier) and if that’s the case, then so be it because I feel that if we feel we kind of do have some sort of responsibility and if you see it this way too then perhaps we may actually end up being more cautious and thoughtful in the actions that we choose to carry out. So, with that I’d just like to leave it here, hopefully you will see like I have too that we do make a difference and what we do does actually have an impact. And we should also try to remember this whilst perhaps chasing after a specific thing or going through a particular time period in our lives that may keep us preoccupied so that we can lose sight of such temporary things and perhaps focus on bigger things too.


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