Blind faith

Here is a post relating to Christianity. It’s something in which I have been slowly learning and finding out more about as I develop and trust in the Lord. I would just like to share my thoughts on the Christian faith being a blind faith- what I mean by this is that we don’t know what is to come next year, the next day, even the next minute. This honestly, can scare me a little- at the same time I know it is exactly what I, we have been called to live like. Even in the bible it says “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”-

However, my main point of this post is just how hard it actually is to do this- It is all good and well to say to God “I trust that my future and the next step of my life is in your hands, I trust that you will provide either way, I believe that your way is the best way; so please come and have your way in me and do what you will even if that means I give up what I thought was going to be and what I thought was going to happen.” It is easy to say this and even mean it at the time, especially when convicted or pushed to a place of desperation or need. The hard part comes when sometimes a plan doesn’t fall into place, or you aren’t where you wanted to be, or you find yourself stuck somewhere you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. I mean, sure, when things were not like this and when you felt more secure it was simple, it was easy to believe that God has His will for you and that you are meant to follow it. Yet, as hard as we try sometimes it is just that we do still have that ongoing battle between our new selves and our human nature. We still fight thinking we know best and we have this or that planned out in the future and oh how we can be so stubborn sometimes, completely ignoring what God is quite blatantly telling us. It can really hurt trying to be patient on the Lord and then when you receive an answer, the answer is not the answer you were looking for…It can easily knock your confidence or what you thought you had planned for yourself just feels destroyed and you may even feel lost, like your plans for your future are shattered.

This is exactly what I mean by blind faith, it is not easy, it was never meant to be. But trusting that God has His own timing is something so so hard to do yet so beautiful- surrendering all to God and trusting that He knows far better than you and that He has promised you everything and more- there is something just rather spectacular in that. It means we don’t have our preconceptions of what we think is gong to happen or what we hope or dream to do or be in the future, it isn’t having none of these ideas- instead it is really giving it all to God and letting Him take the reigns because what is better than allowing the one who knows BEST to do this. This is just something in which has been on my mind and something that I am slowly learning and hopefully one day I will get there, to a place where I will truly let go of all the things I thought would be and what I thought would happen- instead going on a crazy adventure with God to see what might happen instead, because I know for a fact that it will be far better than what I had ever imagined in my head.


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