Misunderstanding pain

I decided it was the right time to sit and allow myself to write this blog post; this has been on my mind for a good while now and whilst I have wanted to try and capture all my thoughts, I have felt that it has not been the right time until now. So firstly I would like to talk about the word “pain”. We as humans associate the word pain with rather negative connotations, such that perhaps horrid imagery may come into our minds, filled with maybe suffering and times in our lives where we have been through emotional or physical pain of some sort. We see pain as this bad thing, why? Well the answer is simple, because there: we are at our lowest, we feel lost, we feel like we have hit rock bottom and cannot get up. And well, who would want to feel those things and much worse, right?

It has been this big question to me personally when those times appear in my life of “Is there more to this?” “Surely there is?” “Does anyone else feel the way I do too?” “Does it get better?” “Does it get worse?” The answer to all of those is yes. In fact YES there is more to the anguish, others do feel the same at times, there is better and yes there is worse too. I think it took me a while to be able to think rationally about pain. It’s something no one wants to go through and something in which I look at and think “How much easier would life be if no one dealt with pain?” In recent times I’ve come to notice that pain has a lot more to offer than what is supposed by this “negative aspect in life” that we seem to have deemed it to be… With the contributions to this realisation being a book I have been reading about pain, many blog posts I have read over the past months and just reflecting on my own personal experiences here is what I think on the whole topic:

We constantly deal with pain; whether physical or emotional. Starting with the physical element: We may quickly come to numb the pain with painkillers and tablets, we may visit a doctor to ease our mind or tell us what the problem is. Either way we have a very advanced and scientifically complex pain system which alerts us to anything that isn’t quite right, we sense things that would cause us harm or danger which in turn allows us to rectify it. Imagine if we were to not have this in our lives. Imagine if we could not physically feel pain, we would never look at any solutions or find out where the problem is within us, it would cause detrimental problems for us which some people do in fact face this, there are indeed illnesses and diseases which cause people to not feel pain. So pain therefore, could perhaps be the gift that nobody wants? Emotionally: there is a lot more to it. For emotional people who feel everything to a great extent, where it can affect how they act and affect them wholly, pain can be a big problem. It can cause times of deep sadness and depression for some. However, without going into too much depth and detail about that: how can the emotional affects of pain be of any good at all? Of course at first glance the negative consequences scream out at us much louder, on the contrary as I mentioned up near the top somewhere we constantly link the word pain with negative connotations, hence not really thinking about the positives at all in fact. You might be at this point be sat thinking: Okay how are there are any positives in feeling such pain? The answer to me is still one that is pondered and questioned upon further, however I’d like to propose that pain is the one thing that has taught me more than anything in life. If I could, I would actually like to thank “pain” for being what it is, for me personally it’s where I can draw from it lessons, new mind sets, attitudes and different thoughts on a whole array of things. It is where I come out a better and different person to the one I was previous to it. I am not saying in any way that suffering and pain is fun and is easy to endure or anything along those lines, however the more I think and ponder upon the positives of pain, the more good things I find. The endurance is tough and difficult it does nothing but allows me to question fundamentally “why?”, it makes me reach my limits of frustration and seems to serve no good. But in my life, I really have pain to thank. Without pain I would never be the person I am today- I would never have grown and developed the way I have at the pace I have.

It seems  an odd thing to do saying that pain is good and so amazing that it has served such a big role in my life. But the thought of never feeling the things I have, and asking the questions I have makes me wonder where I would in fact be. If you take some time to think of some moments in your life where you perhaps did not feel your best. The time when pain seemed to have “got the better of you”, where carrying on the fight was too hard in your mind. Now think to the time when you overcame that time in your life, where you reached the other side, where you were able to see the light and free yourself and your thoughts. Where pain served you well, it made you realise that there is more to this, there really is, there are times ahead that are better and perhaps worse is yet to come. But for now you’ve done it and you are far stronger and equipped than you were previous to it, you have learnt so much that you forgot why you ever thought half the things you did. You instead can embrace the fact that we face such trials and tribulations in life. I am in no way advertising pain to be the best thing, but my thoughts conclude that it isn’t the worst and whilst we can pin the blame on “pain” and how it is bad and it gives no purpose, it also somewhat useful to us, if we would just view it in a different way, under a different light. So, please, come join me- embrace the next time you face such feeling and difficulty in life because there is more to this and you can get through it and reap the goodness that comes if you just preserve and be patient with it, allowing the pain to do it’s work, and feel what you must feel before coming back up indefinitely stronger.


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